Fenneco's Journey by Chrysa Chouliara

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A labyrinth of dark, sandy burrows that many animals find refuge against the excruciating heat. Amongst them is Fenneco, a small desert fox without any friends. Soon will embark on a journey all around the world trying to get home. 

But what is home after all?



Chrysa Chouliara is an illustrator, writer and artist from Greece living & working in Switzerland.
Before that she lived in Netherlands and travelled a bit around the globe.
She is the writer & illustrator behind books "Die Insel/ Το νησί"- 2018, Η μέρα του κ. ΣΜΙΤ/The day of Mr. SMIT -2004, a dozen short stories, and an illustrator of many children's books. 

Nowadays you can mostly find her on top of a ladder making large drawings around Zürich or at her studio in Luzern.
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