Machines of Desire by Raphael Perret

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– A documentation of the “Recycling Yantra” project as well as a an exploration of desire in electronic consumer culture – 

Edited by Raphael Perret 2014, New Delhi / Zurich
With contributions from: Ravi AgarwalSimon Berkler, Isabella Bozsa, Bharati ChaturvediMadhu KhannaOlaf KnellessenFrank J. Korom, Daniel Morgenthaler,Francis Müller, Raphael Rogenmoser

Designed by Bureau vue, Claudia Wildermuth

Raphael Rogenmoser – Preface // Raphael Perret – Introduction // Ravi Agarwal – Ecological Contestations – Hi-Tech Waste a Case Study from India // Olaf Knellessen – The Cycle of Waste // Madhu Khanna – The Smara Hara Yantra in a Contemporary Context // Simon Berkler – Needs in Marketing: How Much Desire Does the Industry Need? // Frank J. Korom – Unravelling a Narrative Scroll About Modernity and its Discontents // Francis Müller – Technological Artefacts as Objects of Desire // Bharati Chaturvedi – When Workers Become Unnamed Machines and Machines Become Undocumented Trash // Isabella Bozsa – Desire as Klésa in the Teachings of Buddhism // Daniel Morgenthaler – Big Brother on the Couch

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